How to Make Money as a New Beauty Blogger – Monetize Your Blog!

A beauty blogger is someone that creates content for her own personal Instagram account in addition to selling or promoting the articles on her site. This would be an individual blogger writing about beauty tips and products and selling or promoting those items on her site. Beauty blogs are a very popular form of blog to operate and if you begin a beauty blog today, you really have a great opportunity to earn money through advertising revenue. Advertising revenue is where you sell your own personal products, such as makeup and skincare products. You can also work with other bloggers to create sponsored reviews for different products within your blog.

Beauty Blogger

If you want to work from home in the makeup and skincare industry, then the perfect option is to create a blog related to the specific product you sell on your website or through your social media pages. One way to do this is to talk about beauty-related subjects on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. When people see you are an expert in a specific topic, they will visit your page to learn more about your tips and tricks. If you sell a makeup item, then posting on social media platforms related to makeup can draw people to your website to learn more about what makeup you sell and if any current customers have any questions. Becoming a beauty-blogger allows you to get your name out there in the beauty industry while earning an income.

A new beauty blogger should find a niche that seems to be overlooked by the larger publications in their industry and start talking about it on their blog. Once they have a following, then it will be easy to monetize their blog through affiliate programs or other monetized websites, such as StumbleUpon. Another way to monetize a blog is to write reviews of the products you are selling and submit them to review sites. This can lead to additional revenue from people reading your review and buying the product through your link.