Fashion is More Than Just a Trend

Fashion is a creative form of self-expression and autonomy in a certain time and context, of apparel, footwear, life, cosmetics, hairstyle, and general appearance. The word also suggests a style defined by the fashion business as what is fashionable at the time that is currently trending. Fashion statements are usually accompanied by accompanying accessories such as jewelry, shoes, bags, and purses. What may be fashionable at one time may be considered outdated at another. For example: if you are wearing low cut shorts today, then don’t wear them to the club, but wear them instead to yoga class or to a friend’s house for some tea parties.


One of the most important factors of fashion is how it makes you feel about yourself. In essence, fashion expresses the way people feel about themselves and their world. The word “Fashion” actually originated from the French word “oeuvres” meaning fashionable or beautiful. French people loved to take a lot of pains in order to look fashionable. As a result, there are many fashions that have become timeless and famous.

With the Internet ruling the world now, finding a good fashion advice can be as easy as clicking your mouse button. Many fashion magazines are available in the online world. Fashion is indeed the new trend. Everyone is trying to catch up with what is in vogue and what will become popular in the future. In the past, only the rich and the famous could afford to be in fashion because of high prices, but now that everyone has access to the internet, everyone can access the latest fashion tips and become fashion trendy.